Hyperlapse is a technique used in time lapse photography employing long camera moves. There are many styles in hyperlapse photography: moving around an object in a circular motion, moving towards or away from an object, moving laterally while tracking an object. Urban Dictionary

With something as simple as your smart phone or a modern DSLR, you can compress time and space into something truly amazing! There is however a learning curve which is why decided to start this website. In the future my goal is to condense the knowledge I've gained in the last 6 years doing time lapse.

If your completely  new to time lapse, your very first stop for learning is timescapes.org I'm also going to put a list together of 10 time lapse pros who's work is truly "moving". 

I've also developed a camera dolly called the Camtrac which has been crucial in getting hyperlapse sequences made. If your ready to take your art to the next level, the Camtrac is a must have.